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Avoid the Outro - Dureagon Avoid the Outro - Dureagon

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This is awesome :D n/362182

hope you dont mind, i used the beat for this song. but this beat is sooooo sick. i love it. not sure what it's from but it reminded me of sega genesis. keep up the sick work dude

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DJDureagon responds:

The sample is the ending theme to Streets of Rage on Genesis. I dont mind that you spit on my track. Im honored really. Your tracks are super dope. Thanks for the review.

HW - Envy HW - Envy

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this is..

one of the illest beats ive ever heard dude. this shit is nuts. i would love to put some lyrics over this :D

[E7] Walk on Clouds (prod. SH) [E7] Walk on Clouds (prod. SH)

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nice dood

I really liked that you threw a hook in there. i mean obviously songs dont need hooks all the time. you pull it off very well with no hooks but i thought it was cool having that in the song. I might just be def but only thing i would say is turn the vocals up like the slighest bit. just when the horn thing starts up its kinda harder to hear the vox. but maybe its my speakers too :P who knows. anyways, dope shit my dude. keep it up.

GloineFiodh responds:

thanks. yeah i agree with the vocals being a tad loose on the blarin horns.
good looks

[E7]Mandate of Seven(prod. HW) [E7]Mandate of Seven(prod. HW)

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sounds dope bro :)

The lyrics and beat are dope shit!. really diggin the vibe to this!. nice work. Only thing i can offer for constructive critism really is the quality. and its not aweful dont get me wrong. It's deffinitly tolerable. I dont know what you record with, but i use fruity loops to add effects, its easy. You can torrent it, good for beats and editing vocals ! but keep it up dood.

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GloineFiodh responds:

thanks man. i use an internal mic on my mac, and garage band. hence the amateur quality. its really hit or miss though.

SH - Downtrodden SH - Downtrodden

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this is awesome ! :D

Im really diggin this shit bro !!!!

shaggyhaired responds:

It's really diggin you and your 10 ;)

NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine NGHH KO4 - Exceptid vs Gloine

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yoooo on some real shit

how are you tryna rank on my shit, you sound like you have been rapping for a few months legit. i was gunna say props on your verses but if your tryna be like that i will tear your shit apart right now.
alright you sound like a fuckin nerd, you will never be big l. your flow is just whack, probably on the level if Big L was rapping for about a year. your lyrics are straight but i dont see how thesse doods are like. your the best. maybe if you keep spittin, in afew years youll be good. but on some real shit. how are you tryna say my shit didnt ryme? if your gunna call a kid out on something, dont be posting MURDA reviews. i honestly dont give afuck about this newgrounds battle :P you kids take this to seriously for being novice rappers. if you want me to tear everyone of your lines apart i will. i can find your "flawless" bars. a million flaws. the short bus line, i have fuckin heard done. like if your flow, presentation, and diverstiy were on the level of your lyrics, you would be straight. if your gunna be a little bitch about this shit. you win. foreal. it must mean more to you than it does me. i legit post up my tracks on newgrounds for people to listen to. i didnt mean disrespect in my verse. its just a battle.
First verse barely hit. If gloine gets the win, give it to him for using the same lines, and tryna sound like big L.
your own style, go get one. :P how do you not get that line, big L jump off.
so i vote for gloine cuz hes gunna be a little bitch about it. your shit is just funny, you always ask these dudes why its wrong to sound "white". because people arent gunna take you seriously, unless you actually put some "emotion" in your voice, you sound like your reading your verses off the paper. i mean i used to do that back in the day. but nice job being a dick. if you win though.. congrats, even though, in my opinion, your fine for a newgrounds rapper, but not irl. take the win kid. you run newgrounds. give your self around of aplause. :)

NGHH KO3 - Murdaa vs Exceptid NGHH KO3 - Murdaa vs Exceptid

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HAHAHAHAHAHA. wow. i was totally gunna leave a gangsta ass review if people voted for Grim. your tryna start beef with everyone? but who are you. a fuckin nobody. its kinda funny that you actually think your good. learn how to stay on beat and direct lines towards me!!. i honestly dont care if i lose.and I am also pretty sure i have established that i like Pokemon and i am emo and i am white. :P so actually say something when you battle directed towards me that hasn't already been said. i wasn't even gunna say anything but i hate when people do that kinda shit. idk maybe you'll win, im not gunna be doing that shit to you if you win. But if i did it would sound something like... MOTHA FUCKA'S YALL MUST NOT HAVE NO EARS CUZ I OBVIOUSLY WON. you kanye west ass mother fucker. it's newgrounds. CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

NGHH KO1 - Exceptid vs Vasheli NGHH KO1 - Exceptid vs Vasheli

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Thank youu verrry much :D

Gladdd everyone enjoyed this, i was suprised to see it made front page :O wahooo

SH - Vinyl Groove SH - Vinyl Groove

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This shits nuts, i would love to collab. :D keep it up bro. PM me

GSG - Paper Jacket GSG - Paper Jacket

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This beat's nuts

I totally want to spit to this :D and your name is awesome too.!! gunstar heroes? that's my favorite game of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!

GunstarGreene responds:

Gunstar Heroes is one of the greatest games ever made, ever. I totally jacked Gunstar Green's name and added the extra 'e' for whatever reason. Best boss fight of the best game, hands down.

Glad you dug it.