Freestyle shitttt

2010-09-10 13:52:04 by Exceptid62190

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beat by haywire. random freestyle


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2010-09-24 04:03:58

Just keepin it real. Solid Freestyle dude.


2010-10-02 03:36:23

Well Chris...You officially have as many songs as Drake in my iTunes AND iPod...and you even come before him. Dude you're a legit lyricist. I don't think I've appreciated underground hip-hop from just a random ass person EVER...and I know of a lot of rappers out there that just dont deliver anything good...and you drop shit ALL the time.

I appreciate the quality of music you put out man. It's hella rad.

Fuckin keep it up.

DClink_ Matt

Exceptid62190 responds:

Thanks so much :D. That means a lot. I am glad im the one random hip hop artist your diggin :). haha. I'll continue to keep puttin out new music. I appreciate the comment !