2010-05-10 09:12:31 by Exceptid62190

Its funny how much time people have to kill. I notice someone goes through like my first 20 songs every day and 0 bombs them. I love the hate, you just know i am going somewhere with my shit, you jealous little cocksucks. :P :P :P YOU TOTALLY RUINED MY LIFE!! :'( OMG 0 bombs mean i'm never gunna be anything. Get a life, its newgrounds.:D so please keep 0 bombin if it really makes you happy. cuz even though im posting this, i honestly do not care the slightest bit. I post this so people who actually listen to my music foreal to download. so!! have a great day. keep the 0 bomb alive


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2010-05-12 21:40:34

Yo i noticed that anyone that went against gloine got there shit super zero bombed including me...his nutt buddies terrorcatta and bostonsboy or fuckin dicridders and bomb anybody thats better than there cumm supply (GLOINE) anywayi noticed that you said people take this too seriously...i repeat it myself they do...i only got my shit on here for ears at the moment...when i get some dough im done wit this and on to real promotion feel me.... as knowing you are a better developed artist then me im sure u feel the same way.... but anyway i have two q's for you. 1. DO YOU MAKE YOUR BEATS CUZ THEY ARE NICE(my favorite is punchline king)2> WHEN ARE WE GONNA COLLAB HOMIE!!!!!!!LOL seriously tho

Exceptid62190 responds:

thanks bro!! :) i make some of my beats though, most of them are just for mixtape shit. im just really lazy when it comes to beats. but, that 0 bomb shit is just like.. kind of annoying but not :P i dont know how to explain it. i just wanna know what i do that makes people do that shit, haha. like i honestly put tracks up for my fans to download and shit. not people to hating on but they do :P. whatever. but im down to collab sometime mad soon :D im on vacation from school now, so i got mad free time to do whatver. bang out some tracks. it'll be sick :)


2010-05-16 23:31:06

Meh, that's how Newgrounds rolls. The only way to get publicity here is to vote 5 on your own songs and zero vote other peoples songs. From what I understand the admins are working on revamping the audio portal soon, which should fix the problem. For now there isn't much to do about it other than laugh. I vote 5 on your shit when I hear it!

Exceptid62190 responds:

yeah:P well put. and thanks for the 5's. I just would like to know why, everyone of my songs every day gets O's on it from someone with a pretty high voting power. i've even looking at number of votes and shit and it goes up and my score goes down on everyone of my songs :P so someone must really hate me :X hahahaha. whatever. :P there tryna impress the millions of labels on here ? oh wait. theres none :P :P :P


2010-05-18 10:56:02

haters make me famous

Exceptid62190 responds:

haha amen to that :P


2010-05-25 19:02:57

I wanna battle ya for sport.


2010-05-27 09:21:27

who ever zero bombs you is a loser.