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Mixtape drops today

2011-08-20 11:40:33 by Exceptid62190

Download the mixtape!!!!
Trippz Michaud--Lazy Gnomes Mixtape 2011

Mixtape drops today

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Chris Michaud Music.

2011-01-12 21:24:24 by Exceptid62190

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Add me on youtube!!!
Download my music.
add my facebook fan page.
Facebook Fan Page

facebook page

2010-11-29 09:45:10 by Exceptid62190

Facebook fan page!! add now

add this page. tell some friends about it! :D

Freestyle shitttt

2010-09-10 13:52:04 by Exceptid62190

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beat by haywire. random freestyle

New mixtape, All new music. Available for download on Datpiff

2010-07-10 11:16:44 by Exceptid62190

Chris Michaud's A Distant World Mixtape On Datpiff (click here)

Download it up. you need an account to do so. but make one quick and download this shit. It's much different from my normal music i do. so give it a listen

If you have facebook add my fan page.

Facebook Fan Page (click here)

Freestyle Vid

2010-06-23 09:39:39 by Exceptid62190

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2010-06-03 11:37:45 by Exceptid62190

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Mi chaud-Music/330832549055?ref=ts

http://www.datpiff.com/Chris_Michaud_E mo_Sew_Am_I.m122451.html

Download the mixtape ^^^


2010-05-10 09:12:31 by Exceptid62190

Its funny how much time people have to kill. I notice someone goes through like my first 20 songs every day and 0 bombs them. I love the hate, you just know i am going somewhere with my shit, you jealous little cocksucks. :P :P :P YOU TOTALLY RUINED MY LIFE!! :'( OMG 0 bombs mean i'm never gunna be anything. Get a life, its newgrounds.:D so please keep 0 bombin if it really makes you happy. cuz even though im posting this, i honestly do not care the slightest bit. I post this so people who actually listen to my music foreal to download. so!! have a great day. keep the 0 bomb alive

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Chris-Mi chaud-Music/330832549055

idk why these links are funky. but do it up!! spread the fuckinn word :D